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Помогите найти документацию на "Casio SF-9500"!
28-05-2001 Squirrel (
Помогите найти документацию на "Casio SF-9500"! Возмо
  Marinka 29-05-2001 ( )  
  Good to know you're out there somewhere! How've you been, Buddy?  
  Squirrel 30-05-2001 ( )  
  I wonder, miss, do I know you?  
  M 31-05-2001 ( )  
  ! Remember now?  
  Squirrel 05-06-2001 ( )  
  To my regret, still no.
Couldn't you give me some hint?
  M 05-06-2001 ( )  
  Some hint? OK. Remember how we were dancing with you a long time ago?  
  Squirrel 05-06-2001 ( )  
  We really did this??? Are you sure? Oh, Jees...
But WHERE???
  M 06-06-2001 ( )  
  Where? In Sevastopol, where else?
Remember now?P.S. Say hi to your wife for me!
  Squirrel 12-06-2001 ( )  
  Who are you, lady?
Perhaps, you were dancing with some another Squirrel... :)Or it's something wrong with my memory?Was it in some bar or restaurant? Where?
  Сергей 23-12-2001 ( )  
  У меня такая же машинка. И тоже нет никаких инструкций. Буду благодарен за любую информацию.
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