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Kto Smotrel Pearl Harbor??
30-05-2001 D ( )
Takoi klassnyi film. Ya dymayu on polychit mnogo oskarov:)) I still like Saving Private Ryan more:)
  M 30-05-2001 ( )  
  Do you have a crush on Ben Affleck? or maybe it's Tom Hanks? Or do you just like movies about war?  
  D 30-05-2001 ( )  
  Yeah i like war movies.and Ben is not my type neither Tom haha  
  M 30-05-2001 ( )  
  Lily 30-05-2001 ( )  
  Я тоже его смотрела, мне понравился, только длинный уж слишком...3 часа....  
  Dasha 04-06-2001 ( )  
  I saw it and I thought that it is a sucky-sucky movie. See for yourself anyway.  
  Lily 05-06-2001 ( )  
  What is NOT sucky-sucky movie for you? Just curious:-).....
  Dilya 25-05-2002 ( )  
  film klasnyi. ty ne znaesh kak mozhno b e-nete naiti Georga Harnett  
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