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help i think i'm falling for a woman .... in Sevastopol
07-09-2001 Edward Bob (
Totally frustrated by affected American woman ..... i started searching for a different kind of woman ..... and now i've developed an email relationship .... i can't belive this is happening ..... so before i do this silly thing ...... fly to the Crimean .... risk my life for a woman that may not really exist ... would someone please help.
  Seryoga 07-09-2001 ( )  
  Yeah, by giving you an advice, GET LAID!!! If symptoms remain... then I have a prescription just for you: 50 ml of SITFU, take twice daily, with food.
STFU is a new, totally amazing medicine and stands for Suck It The Fuck Up. :]
And , of course, you can take a trip over there, your mystery woman may turn out to be with facial hair and a dick, but hey, then you got a beautiful city to walk around and beautiful ladies to meet. :]
Sincirely, Serge NY.
  ed bob 07-09-2001 ( )  
  very possible ....
you're originally from the Ukraine?
any other good advice
food, lodging, exports
..... stay away from?
  Lily 07-09-2001 ( )  
  Xa-xa-xa-xa.............Segoyga, ty prelest'!!!:-))))
Ny, rassmeshil....davno zdes' ne byla...molodec! Vo, ymora:-)))))))))))))))))))))))
  ed bob 08-09-2001 ( )  
  and this means?  
  Seryoga 10-09-2001 ( )  
  Yeah, I'm from over there, Sevastopol to be exact. Stay away from people who look like they want to rip your off! Get familiar with the prices and cab fares and don't let anybody use you for money! Use your common sense and sound judgement otherwise. It ain't like you are gonna be visiting jungles populated by tribes who stil use 4 limbs to get around. it's like going to any other foreign country, only better. if you decide to go, ask me and I'll tell you good hotels and places to go depending on your needs.
  Seryoga 10-09-2001 ( )  
  :] nishtyak, pravda Lil'? Chelovek sovsem besa pognal, po internetu poznakomilis'i on vlyubilsya... stradaet... takogo vasyu ushlaya sevastopol'skaya devka zhelayuzhaya uehat'za kordon bistro razvedyot na dokumenti, a brosit kak tol'ko legalizuetsya.. ti zhe ponimaesh'...
Kak deli? piteshestvuesh'?
  Elena 11-09-2001 ( )  
  Konechno ponimaet, esche kak!!! Sama stopudovo analogichnym sposobom svalila v staty...:)))
  eb 11-09-2001 ( )  
  translation please  
  Lily 12-09-2001 ( )  
  Лен, ошибаешься, я сама приехала, ребёнка привезла на лечение, потом привезла ещё сюда мужа из России в Америку. Я видела здесь много подобного, когда выходят замуж за документы, но...как говорится: каждому своё. Ко мне это не имеет никакого отношения. Не вали бочку на меня, ты меня не знаешь. Гляжу, ты соскучилась по общению, но извини, мне сейчас не до этого...сама знаешь, что в штатах произошло и это ужас!!!  
  Lily 12-09-2001 ( )  
  У меня 10-го был ДР, можешь поздравить...Но то что произошло 11-го, у меня просто нет слов выразить мои чувства горечи, те эмоции что в душе....Я была у телевизора, забросив всё с самого начала с 9 утра, когда всё произошло и до 2 ночи...То что произошло, не входит не в какие границы и должно быть наказанно, уничтоженно как можно скорее!!! Серёга, я знаю, ты военный и ты сейчас наверняка на военном объекте, я хочу чтобы ты жил, так же как и мы все!!! Если можешь ответить, не молчи!!!Лиля  
  seryoga 13-09-2001 ( )  
  Da lilya, nas obezhayut aktivirovat', poka mi tol'ko bazu ohranyali, ja ne znayu kak chasto ja teper; budu syuda zahodit', ja rabotal v 2wtc, i smotrel s ulici kak na moi etazh /71/ zaletel samolyot, tak chto dostupa k pc u menya teper' poka net, currently unemployed... ja prospal v to utro,,, spasibo za dobrie slova, udachi tebe!!
  rex 16-09-2001 ( )  
  Edward, please email me, "". I too am going to Ukraine to Sevastopol for a lady. Let me give you some incites.rex/rick  
  rex 16-09-2001 ( )  
  moy horosho droog Lilly, ya zhdoo moy Lilly.
  rex 16-09-2001 ( )  
  Bald guys get beautiful young Russian women: 80% marriage success rate. Probable cause for failure of 20% - american male thought he "bought a wife" instead of looking for a life partner, carefully. Love ya Lilly!rickster  
  Chris 05-11-2001 ( )  
  Romeo,,,DO IT,,,I did it and found it fascinating,,,a plane trip to Crimea in the fall is cheap through lot airlines or Turkish air,,,Either way it is a neat adventure.Sounds like you are where I was 1.5 year ago,,,I met a dandy and she is due in 1 month.Give it a whirl,,,they are human just like us,,,it was hard for me to get used to,,,but I did.Chris  
  Nelly 08-02-2002 ( )  
I think you need to calm down alittle bit.
And why just in Sevastopol?...
You could write me about you.I can help you.I know many really wonderful women in Simferopol.
My best wishes
Nelly from Simferopol
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