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19-10-2001 Arthur J. Clemens Jr. (
I am from the United States.I am curious why there is so much inflation or devaluation of currency in the Ukraine and Sevastopol. The Ukraine has excellent resources according to what I have read, so why doesn't money flow into the Country instead of out?
Maybe someone from Sevastopol could explain this to me.
If you would like, I could suggest ideas to reverse this process once I understand the cause of the problem. I can be reached at
Sincerely, Arthur J. Clemens Jr.
  SERYOGA 23-10-2001 ( )  
  Arthur, just out of curiosity, what resources does Ukraine have? And where did you get that info from? Best to my knowledge there ain't shit except for carcoal unfortunately.
Sincirely, Serge
  Stranger 24-10-2001 ( )  
  To Arthur J. Clemens Jr/// why there is so much inflation or devaluation of currency in the Ukraine and Sevastopol.///Well, inflation is not that high now - over the 9 months of this year it has been something around 12%, I believe -- approximately 1% per month, which is of course higher than in Western countries, but remember that we are not that developped yet :)/// The Ukraine has excellent resources according to what I have read///Unfortunately availability of resources does not always guarantee economic prosperity - it has become a truism, I would say (: Compare two countries: Mexico and Japan. Mexico is one of the top 10 world oil-exporting countries, but its economy is in dire straits. Japan has virtually no mineral resources of its own, but it is one of the richest countries in the world.
  SERYOGA 24-10-2001 ( )  
  Arthur J. Clemens Jr. 24-10-2001 ( )  
  The CIA World Factbook lists Ukraine's Natural Resources as follows:Natural resources: iron ore, coal, manganese, natural gas, oil, salt, sulfur, graphite, titanium, magnesium, kaolin, nickel, mercury, timber, arable land
Land use: arable land: 58%
permanent crops: 2%
permanent pastures: 13%
forests and woodland: 18%
other: 9% (1993 est.)
Irrigated land: 26,050 sq km (1993 est.) So how much of these resources are controlled by foreigners?And how many resources are mismanaged?
  respondent 01-11-2001 ( )  
  First of all, don't be stupid. Inflation index is not real- exchange rate UAH/USD is controlled by National Bank of Ukraine. Cross rates are NOT truly show the economic situation in Ukraine. Does anyone belive that cross rate UAH/USD 5.2/3 is real exchange rate ? Come on! The Government does ALL what it can to support national currency just with one aim- to get more aids/credits from World Bank/USA etc. Inflation index is fully depends on currency exchange rates therefore is it possible to believe that inflation index is also true ?! ...  
  rickster 04-11-2001 ( )  
  Inflation - "too many dollars chasing too few goods". Too few goods due to low productivity. Low productivity due to lack of large capital investiment. Lack of large capital investment due to instability in the economy, ie inflation, fear of nationalization, corruption.One solution: Entrepreneurialsim continued on small scale; individuals from capital rich countries taking interest in Ukraine, and carving out business niche.I have recently issued requests to two American large companies for Ukraine, Russia, Belarus goods. So many small price items in the USA "made in China". Certainly, there are many department store items on the shelves in the West that could come more cheaply and with more quality from the CIS instead of China.Exporting small price items would be a starter for opening up flow of capital from the West.
Long Term: Ukraine should be a leader in tourism industry, agriculture, information. Then, the small price item production can go back to the Orient. With excellent resources, intelligent well-educated society, Ukraine just needs a "kick" from trading low price items to get the economy there thriving.Small businessmen need to develop strong ties between East Europe and West. Big business will follow.
  Arthur J. Clemens Jr. 05-11-2001 ( )  
  Dear Respondent:I was just asking questions because I am ignorant, but not stupid.  
  Arthur J. Clemens Jr. 05-11-2001 ( )  
  Dear Rickster:This was a very thoughtful and enlightening message on inflation. I do some consulting work.
If you need a representative or agent in the United States, send me a personal e-mail.
  rickster 05-11-2001 ( )  
  Arthur you are ignorant not stupid. Ukraine economy is stagnant and they have inflation; they have "stagflation". I, on the otherhand, am ignorant and stupid; I am "stignorant".I'm hungry, but constipated. I'm "hunstipated".hehehehe.rickster  
  Chris 05-11-2001 ( )  
  Your views about America being Satanic are not realistic. (We are not bad people)The problem within your country is simple,,,CORRUPT Government.By the way we have similar problems.I have a fiance is from Sevastopol and we will marry soon in America. She tells me alot about what is going on there etc,,,I also read alot.I have been there several times last year and found it very nice by the way and the people interesting and again pleasant.I grew up in a big city and do you know what I think,,,there are more homeless people begging for money there than I seen on the streets of Sevastopol.Regarding drugs and prostitution,,,nobody is forcing anybody to turn to corruption ANYWHERE.Also another reason for problems within Ukraine is simply Greed amongst the ,,,you guessed it,,,RUSSIAN MOFIA,,,so maybe they accept bad views and choke your economy,,,,Westerners are not to blame for this.Keep in mind that there are stereotypes amongst nations. I was scared to death when I arrived in Simferopol airport by myself late on a Sunday night. Yes Americans have similar false belief systems as well. I thought all of Russia lived in cold climate and was poor. Fact is,,,my fiance lives better in Sevastopol than I do !There is money and there is the quality of life.Ukrainians I think have better life. They enjoy it,,,Americans are busy working very hard to make money to survive as well,,,do you think we like working ourselves to death,,,answer,,,NO.I am not just some internet junkie with nothing else to do,,,I am engineer for large firm here.Understand me my friend,,,I found Ukrainian culture to be very intellectual and hospitable,,,But we are not satanic at all,,,but of course there are satic worshipers all over the globe.By the way I got married in that beautiful church between Yalta and Sevastopol,,,the one with the golden domes,,,on the cliff. But now we must get married here in America when she comes in on K1 visa.Our relationship is quite interesting. She wants a "better life" but I think and told her her life will not be easier,,actually may be harder. Immigrating can take its tole on a man.I think "Poverty" is a relative term. If Russian men are so poor then why the heck to they drink and smoke so much,,,how can they afford this habbit ?There are problems everywhere. Regards  
  Chris (American) 05-11-2001 ( )  
  Get rid of the Mafia and corrupt government and you will prosper ! Your people are very intelligent !,,,,Your government is greedy.Chris  
  Chris 05-11-2001 ( )  
  The Ukraine was once the "Bread Basket of Russia for crying out loud !!!) AGRICULTURE,,,There are many good things in Ukraine,,,they need to invest in it,,,GET RID OF "THE ROOF"(The Roof is the mafia).Chris  
  Arthur J. Clemens Jr. 12-11-2001 ( )  
  Rickster needs to change his name to jokester.  
  Arthur J. Clemens Jr. 12-11-2001 ( )  
  I stand ready to aid the cause of all legal international exports from the Ukraine to the US.  
  rickster 01-12-2001 ( )  
  Write to big companies in West and ask why you can't get products from CIS. I write to them. I'm sick of everything underneath saying "made in China". China is communist and disallows human rights.  
  Arthur J. Clemens Jr. 11-12-2001 ( )  
  I agree with your assessment. Unfortunately, most Americans buy whatever is the cheapest, and China has cheap labor costs, to include slave labor, and cheap prices of goods, which CIS does not match. I would also suggest that the China government backs the practice of "dumping" which involves government subsidies of businesses which sell products below the cost of production.If you know of a product from your area which can compete in the American market, please let me know.If you want more information on the true nature of communism give me a personal e-mail. I have just done a paper which is 106Kbytes. Too long to post on the message board. The bear is hybernating but not dead.  
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