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28-11-2001 Akman (
My company is planning to have a operation in Simferopol and that means I got to live there at least for 2 years. What does it look like really, are you having fun over there?
  Darell 30-12-2001 ( )  
  Simferopol is a beautiful place, it has a good climate, located in southern Crimea, close to the Black Sea. I have been there, I have spent a lot of time at the train station, downtown, post office and the market, Monday is a holiday there. They go to church on Saturday, and the week starts off with Monday. The exchange rate there is about 5.1 grivens to 1 dollar, there are little kioshks where you can exchange currency. There are a lot of parks and amusements there, and most people walk, or ride the bus, because they are too poor to own a car. They have a good train system there, and this is the way to get around the country. The average monthly wage is about 25 dollars, I am told. I spent more time in Sevastopol, on the black sea. They have more winter than summer there, and there are times when there is no heat, and no water. You will have to buy bottled water there, about 1 dollar for 5 liters. The water has to be boiled to drink, and it is not very good tasting, it does make good tea though, and the people there drink a lot of tea. There are night clubs there, but you should be careful, as foreigners can be a target. If you do not say anything, you will probably fit in, I was asked for directions and the time while I was there, and also for money. I would like to go live there for 2 years, does your company have any openings. Darell  
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