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weather in late March!
22-12-2001 George Skari (
I am coming to Sevastopol in late March and staying for 10-12 days. Would like to know what to expect for average climatic conditions then. Are the spring fruits trees in bloom by this time? Thanks!
  Visitor 30-12-2001 ( )  
  Come and check it for yourself...
  Haksaw 31-12-2001 ( )  
  George, I was in Sevastopol and the Ukraine from March 29 -April 3, 2001. You will find some fruit trees in bloom, and flowers, but it is still early Spring at that time of year. write me if you'd like a more detailed account.  
  Nelly 08-02-2002 ( )  
  It is too early for blooming trees in Crimea by this time,to sorry.
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