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Drinking water in Sevastopol
06-02-2002 George (
Will be arriving in Sevastopol in late March and staying for two weeks. Would anyone care to comment about the drinking water supply and any special precautions needed as far as the food and water are concerned. Just Curious about this.
  Frank 15-02-2002 ( )  
  Hi George,I have been to Sevstopol 3 times in 2001. The only problem I had was I got sick after eating in a cafe at the Hotel Sevastopol(I think? is the hotel across the street from the entrance to the part that has the "Panorama"). It is a great place and you enjoy it. My fiancee is from there.  
  vladdybaby 08-05-2002 ( )  
  That hotel is called hotel Ukraine.Hotel Sevastopol is located on Nakhimova St.Also, if the water smells like alcohol,,,well you know the rest !Vladimirskaya  
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