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Guide-Interpreter Needed
03-03-2002 Alan (

Looking for a female guide-interpreter for about a month in July for Sevastopol/Crimea. Any names/email addresses would be most helpful. Can email me ateagle7@mail2world.comThanks Alan
  Stranger 03-03-2002 ( )  
  Be more explicit, please.  
  am 06-03-2002 ( )  
  No,he is just from the country where the women are for night clubs only...very's better to save money in Sevastopol....  
  drcv 08-03-2002 ( )  
  where did you get so cynical and bitter. is your life really so hard that you make small jokes about life in our country.  
  Alan 09-03-2002 ( )  
I am honestly looking for a person that speaks good English and is familiar with the Crimea region. I am seeking a interpreter/guide NOT a hooker. TIA
  am 09-03-2002 ( )  
  do you mean a huge deficit of women in the US?  
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