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So where is the nightlife
23-03-2001 Gerald O'sullivan (
If there is no nightlife in Sevastopol, were does everone go for a good night out.....there has to be a disco or some good bars somewhere round there.if you could write in English please..... thanks .Gerald
  M 23-03-2001 ( )  
  Dear Gerald, people in Sevastopol do not lead night lifestyles. They sleep at night, because the electricity is turned off by the government, so what can one do in the darkness??? Plus there is no hot water in Sevastopol, you know it? There is cold water only about 2 hours a day. At other times, you can't even flash your crap down the toilet - there ain't NO WATER! Just thought your tender French body will have difficulties adjusting to that nightmare...  
  Gerald O'sullivan 23-03-2001 ( )  
  Come on there has to be something, what about in the hotels i will be over there in June ......were do you meet girls!!!!!!!!!  
  M 23-03-2001 ( )  
  Meet girls? Well, I guess you can try Primorski Blvd., the most famous park along the sea shore right in downtown. Why are you going to Sevastopol to meet girls? Are there no good females in Great Britain? By the way, the people in Ukraine seldom use deodarant and take shower only once or twice a week (caused by the water shortage, of course). I don't think it will matter in summer, when everybody goes to swim in the sea...  
  Lily 23-03-2001 ( )  
  M, honey...girls at GB?...Look at Qeen Elizabeth?...Only Diana was pretty for the whole entire GB and she was killed for it... If he chooses a russian or ukrainian girl, well, there are a lot of water in GB and are deodorants, he'll be FINE!  
  Lily 23-03-2001 ( )  
  Her, Gerry, why r u going to Sevastopol in a first place? HOW did you choose to go there and nowhere esle?  
  Gerald 24-03-2001 ( )  
  I will fly from London to Dnepropetrovsk, i will stay there a few days and then travel down to Sevastopol........WHY? .......after looking on my computer long and hard it looks the best place to meet somebody,somebody to share my go somewhere like Kiev i think i would find lots of woman but all there really want is a passport out of there and a way to make money......i am hoping by traveling to Sevastopol i'll be by the sea which means a good holiday, lots of history..and the hope of finding someone who would really want me...........English girls are very pretty ,but all the thing of is there self and fun comes before any man.......the Ukraine/Russian girls i meet in Tunisia/Egypt have not been like this, so i live in hope...............Gerald  
  Lily 24-03-2001 ( )  
  Well, I got one for you and she lives in Sevastopol. She's my best friend and want to get married and have children. She's the sweetest person in the world and didn't have any luck with russian/ukrainian men. She deserves better man, that's for sure. She's beautiful, sweet, romantic, has a big heart and soul and ready to love the right man. She is excellent cook as well, and...she's studying a professional massage right, if you want to meet her, give me a buzz soon. Send me an e-mail to my e-mail address above, we'll talk, and send me your pic as well, and I'll send you hers. You won't be dissapointed. Tell me a little about yourself as well: age, height, what are you doing, hobbies, etc., you know.
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