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Does anyone know Svetlana Andreyvnya Rutkovskoi (Zatavnuk)
23-03-2001 Chris (
Is she in jail yet? Is she still prostituting in Istanbul, Cyprus...? Last heard of going to Switzerland. I was just wondering... as I married her several years ago (in Sevastopol) and while I was waiting for her to arrive in Britain I learned several things about her that had I known previously, I definitley would never had married her
  M 23-03-2001 ( )  
  I am sorry about the failure of your marriage. A lot of good foreign guys get deceived by outrageous prostitutes of former Sov. Union in order to drain them for $... unfortunately...  
  Chris 23-03-2001 ( )  
  Unfortunately what you say is true. The short time that I spent in Sevastapol in 1994 was very interesting, for what was then a 'closed city'. I met many interesting people and of course there were many beautiful Women who wanted to make my acquaintance. It was not often back then that the people of Cebactopol met an Englishman walking down the city streets.I made several aquaintances but can't help but wonder if they were in on the deceit that she was planning. I suppose that I will never know but I can't help but feel that the whole of the Country doesn't act this way. Perhaps I was just unlucky to have met her. I read the earlier post by an Italian guy who seems to have suffered the same fate as me. I sympathise with him. The worst thing about it is being made to look like a fool...but you will get over it. Time is a great healer. Now it is all behind me and I look forward to returning to Cebactopol one day so I can renew some old aquaintainces...The Diarama and Panorama were closed for renovation when I was there but I did get a guided tour of the Helicopter Ship MOCKBA, in its home port ! (One of the Officers was the husband of Cbeta's friend). I would have liked to have seen the aquarium too bit that too was closed. Many of my photos of Cebatopol I threw away in anger but maybe I will return and be able to see the city without distraction.  
  Antares 12-04-2001 ( )  
  I think you did the biggest mistake uf your life ,
if you love her you should get married with her .
  Chris 12-04-2001 ( )  
  I was married to her but while I was waiting for her to arrive in Britain, I discovered that she was travelling around Europe with another man although she was lying to me about the reasons why she couldn't make arrangements to travel. I also learned that when I visited Moscow, she said that she couldn't meet me there because she had made arrangements to travel to Istanbul on a business meeting. I later learned that the was actually being treated in a clinic for venereal disease that she had caught after having sex with her uncle for money ! What kind of Wife is that? Would you want to marry a Woman like that?  
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