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There is nightlife !!!!!!!!!!!
25-03-2001 Gerald (
I have now found out there is lots of nightlife some people say the best in the Ukraine.Theres Omega beach with over 32 bars and i have been told the city center is alway busy from May to October am told its a 24 hour baba-a-rama and most bars and clubs open till dawn....Theres ,Grand crim ,Black Oyster, Volna, The Bunker ,Club 999 and the list goes on......I was also told Club 999 has toppless dancers and prostites and as i come from England there be no need for me go there as you get girls all over you in the other clubs.Theres also bowling.air hockey, billiards...All in all it sounds a great place for a hoilday.....i will be there last 2 weeks of June....i think the place will not forget me when i leave......Gerald
  Lily 25-03-2001 ( )  
  Good luck to you and have fun, hope you won't be disapointed...By the way, why r u making so many mistakes in your sentences? Are you Russian or Ukrainian living there and changed your name in English? Otherwise, why in the world English guy'd go to check out Sevastopol's bars?... It's not a Vegas, really....o, well, it's your choice, what do I care?
  sunflower 26-03-2001 ( )  
  your English isn't perfect eiter.  
  Lily 26-03-2001 ( )  
  So is yours..."eiTer."....ha-ha-ha....check your spelling. At least, I'm not pretending English speaking in here, I have to talk this language on this board only with idiots like you. But I'd prefer this board to be Russian speaking, I already voted for this earlier.
Bye, you're boring.....
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