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To all the foreign men,visiting this board.
26-03-2001 Pavel (
Well,guys,the reasons you are tricked by "prostitutes" are:1.You don't have enough attractive women in your home countries.2.The majority of your women DON'T NEED MEN AND DON'T WANT TO CREATE FAMILIES,they are mostly career-oriented.They think,feel,act,behave,dress like men.3.You live according to "supply and demand"law,sic IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO GET A WOMAN IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY,you go abroad,to the poor ones( Latin America,E.Europe,Asia) and "import" the non capricious and eager to leave girls from there.4.The problems begin in the US(where else)after you bring them to, due to the hunt on all the attractive ladies by the other men(they don't want to go abroad to get their own wife,but prefer a casual dating instead,the one with no responsibility). SO,CHANGE YOUR LIBERAL AND ANTI-TRADITIONAL LIFE ATTITUDE INSTEAD OF OFFENDING OUR WOMEN!!!!!!!!!THE PERCENTAGE OF PROSTITUTES IS ALWAYS HIGHER IN LIBERAL COUNTRIES THEN IN TRADITIONAL ONES!!!!!!!!
  Gerald 26-03-2001 ( )  
  Pavel.....As someone from England i would like to say you are totaly right in what you say.Everbody in the USA and Europe have forgotten the meaning of the word Fun and only think of money and what we can buy,if we can not find love we do our best to buy it and it does not matter how many people we hurt alone the way.I know Russian woman in England, the only reason they leave the man there with is because they were lied to. It's a sad world we now live in...Gerald  
  Tanya 26-03-2001 ( )  
  Pavel, you are so damn RIGHT!!!!!!!!! I'M WITH YOU, BEBE!!! every single word is true!  
  Marina 26-03-2001 ( )  
  Dave 26-03-2001 ( )  
  Hey Pavel,
I am from the U.S. and have been married twice to very beautiful American woman. Both ended
because of drinking, lying, cheating. You can have all the American women you want, just give
me one from the Crimea. When I retire, I want to move there permantly. I hate heartless
comments people make out of jealousy. I have many Ukrainian friends and wish my country had
the history that I find there. Russian/ Ukrainian people are very noble in their efforts. Americans
only seem to know how to hurt each other and the world. It is a selfish place to live!
  M 26-03-2001 ( )  
  There is no black and white, life is grey. So please don't go to the extrems. There are lots of sweet and hearful Americans and a lot of nice and helpful Russians too. History and cultural herritage have nothing to do with social relationships.
When are you going to retire?
  Dave 26-03-2001 ( )  
  I will retire in 12 to 15 years, depending on investments and income potentials. I will actively
persue my goal to find a Crimean wife and she will not be sorry. The nice part is, she must have
children. I love kids and have three of my own. I want to make a difference where it will count...
  Pavel 26-03-2001 ( )  
  Well,gentlemen, I live in Florida and the only ladies I managed to date were foreign born latinas in Miami,Hollywood and Hialeah.I didn't want to offend anybody,but you should admit that the feminization in the US made the ladies career oriented,so they don't want to have kids and create families.But when Pat Buchanan says know the way the media treats him..... I am not a freak by the way,vice versa,fit,well established,but though I have it difficult to deal with the WASP ladies.Best wishes to everybody.It's a good idea to move to Crimea.I was born and spent a long while in Sevastopol myself.....  
  Dave 26-03-2001 ( )  
  Thank you Pavel, I wish I had found the Crimea years ago!  
  Helen 27-03-2001 ( )  
  Why are you still there ? Leave that dammed country.  
  M 27-03-2001 ( )  
  Are you a single father? That must be very hard, isn't it? How do you handle your three kids?  
  Marinka 27-03-2001 ( )  
  - this is a great country. Ask Lily. She'll tell you better than I.  
  M 27-03-2001 ( )  
  How old are you, Gerald. I can introduce you to a beautiful girl in Sevastopol whenever you go there. OK?  
  Helen 28-03-2001 ( )  
  I don't deny this is a great country (in the sense of "big") but it's not in the proper sense of this word - they don't appreciate their hishory (the Indians), they don't respect treir parents (lot's of retirement homes), MONEY - is the most important thing for most of the Americans. For money they are ready to do EVERYTHING & EVERYWHERE. Besides, they have NO RESPECT for any other nation. And there is much more...WHAT IS "GREAT" IN IT ???  
  M 29-03-2001 ( )  
  I did not apply the size of the country when I said 'it's great'. It IS a great country in light of a whole bunch of opportunities it offers to everybody. You can live in the US honestly, you don't have to lie and kill trying to fight for survival here. In the USA you live, in Russia you survive. I sense that you left Russia when you were very little and have no idea how difficult it became to live there in the last decade.
In the States they do appreciate their Indians. It depends on what part of US you live in. If you're from Florida (just an example) - then yes, Indians are long forgotten about there... They don't respect their parents? Hey, it's not the 19th century any more, not even the 20th. You have to go in sync with the time, Helen. You mean they respect their parents in Russia when two families (parents and their married children) share a tiny 1 or 2 room apartment because they don't have any other options? Is that what you call care about parents? Americans do care about parents and place them to retirement homes for their (parents') convenience and by their will only.
Money IS important. On this particular issue you sound a little naive or kind of romantic. Who looks better when they get older: rich people or poor? Who live longer? Who is healthier? Who is more respected in the society? Will you, Helen, be happy if you get married to a poor guy and won't ever afford a trip to Caribbean or Europe. You will watch Discovery Channel and drool all your life. Here in US the biggest markets of the world are operating, of course all the money is drawn here and is concentrated here. In Russia people don't care so much about money, and look at Russia's economy... It's disastrous!
Well I hope you see my point.
  Dave 29-03-2001 ( )  
  Yes, three kids and no wife. I seem to do just fine. They are all happy and we all get along just great.
It does not seem as hard as one would think. We do not have any drunken lying cheating homewreckers to put up with.
  Helen 29-03-2001 ( )  
  Dear, M.
Thank You for a reply. I see your point very well. I should admit I consider you to be a highly materialistic person.
As to my residence - you feel wrong - I have benn still LIVING in Russia/Ukraine (time from time). And I don't need going to Caribbean or somewhere else to enjoy myself - a simple Russian or Ukrainian river or lake (I don't mention the Black Sea), or a forest is enough for me to full extend. You ask - who looks better: rich people or poor...- the real treasure is inside of a Human, not in his/her appreriance (I advise you to look through at least some notes of Elena Rerih). Tte greatest soul in the whole world is inside of a Russian man. Those, who have left the country - they are just loosers, NOBODIES, people with no will and power of life.
Money is important, but not the most. I didn't meen those things you wrote (concerning it). I ment global problems. Every nation MUST mind its own business. What's America doing all ower the Globe?! What has it done in Saudi Arabia? What has it done in the Balkans? Has't been any place for the r-wastes on the whole N.American continent?!
You are talking of 1 or 2 room apartment...M., it's not that level of the matter.
O.K. Time to work. Are you clear on my point?
Good Luck.
  L. 29-04-2001 ( )  
  What????????? NO-WAY are you correct this only your opion based on hurt. We have beauitful women
kindness, lots love in the USA. There is plenty of lying, cheating, kniving going on in the Ukranie also just so they can get into usa. Really take a good look at the morals of these people they'll do anything to get into the usa and have, talk about lying, cheating, brother you just picked some of the best
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