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Gerald, there is misunderstanding...
06-04-2001 Helen ( )
I think You have misunderstood me. I never considered America to be "great". This is the opinion of Lily and some other people on this board. We have been arguing on this point for some time. The most surprising thing is that a lot of Americans don't like their native country and they don't hide it and that many Ukrainians or Russian people are just "nuts" about it. That American, to whose message I advert to has just proved my words. That's why I recommended to read it "to all who consider America great..."
  Lily 06-04-2001 ( )  
  Helen, I wasn't praising America, re-read it again...are you one of these blind people as you said earlier and...Gerald is deaf?...sounds like it...In this message you sound like a loser. If you don't live there, what is America did personally to YOU???? What's your problem? Because you don't live there but want to?...well, go ahead and argue in here that you don't want to live there, and it's a great thing, by the way, America don't need people like you are, and so any other contry, so stay where you are and don't judge others so you won't be judged as well.
Got tired of you, really...won't waist my time on you anymore...Get a life, or...something what could of make you feel happy ( if you know what I mean?).
Best wishes,Lily
  Gerald 06-04-2001 ( )  
  Hi, first i should say i am English,born and live in London;So my English is true English,the English in the USA is not true English.The point i was trying to make is a lot of people dream of livin in the land of milk and honey (USA).I travel all over the world ,i know i am very lucky,but no country is really better than any other life is what you make it.The USA can be a great place to live i know i have family there.But out of all the country i have been too i have too say it is a very crazy place and not like the TV and movies.I think what is wrong with the USA and England is we have too much freedom and too much money we don't know how to really live any more.At this point i would like too say sorry for not writing in Russian as i have just started to learn, but give me time.My last words on this has to be,unless you can travel with a open mind you are going to see nothing.People who dream of livin in other countrys will go too that country with there eyes closed and only see what there want to see.A bit like myself when i went to Russia i only saw the good i did not want to see the bad things.i just say sorry to anyone i upset.........Gerald  
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