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LILY, you'd better be a bit kinder & more patient...
08-04-2001 Helen ( )
I would never, ever wanted you to shut up - I just suggested to stop our argument - can't you understand English? As to my desire for living in the States (as it appears to your mind)- again you are wrong - I haven't even thought of it - I stick to a good Russian proverb "Где родился, там и сгодился". And one more thing, LILY, WHO ARE YOU to speak for the whole country when you was'n even born in it?! America doesn't need likeme people? -O.K. let it be (though you even don't know me)- but are you sure you are wanted there? ... may be... as a dish-washer... with all yo
  Helen 08-04-2001 ( )  
  the proverb is: " Gde rodilsja, tam i sgodilsja"  
  Marinka 10-04-2001 ( )  
  Just take it easy, ok?  
  Helen 11-04-2001 ( )  
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