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Looking for lost relative
18-04-2001 Linda Richardson (
My mother-in-law (Mary A Nowosad) recently passed away and we are trying to find her brother John Nowosad. My mother-in-law was born in Horbkow July 23, 1926. Her parents were Myron and Ann Nowosad. She has one brother John. Mary married an american solider (Paul Richardson in 1946 while in Germany) She came to America in 1946 and gave birth to my husband in October of 1947. She divorced Paul Richardson and in 1953 or 1954 married Edward Jasionowski. We have searched through her files and can't seem to locate an address for John Nowosad. I believe John may still be in Horbow put I can't find any further information. We need to notify John of his sister's death. Can anyone point me in a direction where I can start my search???
  M 19-04-2001 ( )  
  Horbow is a Polish name, so look for your relative in Poland (Germany). This board is for one Ukrainian/Russian city only, Sevastopol. It doesn't cover the whole Eastern Europe. Sorry...  
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