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Looking for survivors and stories of Maxim Gorky I fortress during WWII
07-05-2001 David Bindle (
GreetingsI'm a Canadian doing research on the battle for Sevastopol during WWII. In particular... I would like to hear stories or pointed to information regarding the fortress "Maxim Gorky I".
I have only small bits of information from a wide variety of sources about underground tunnels, underground schools for children, munitions manufacturing... it sounds as if there was practicaly an underground town. I would also like to know more about what it was like to live under the constant artillery barrage of heavy german guns, and to know more about the effect of the huge German railroad gun "Gustav" or "Dora".
Also if you could point to me any stories of great courage, especially with regards to children.
I would really appreciate any info and stories about families caught up in the battel for Sevastopol and especially with regards to the fortress of Maxim Gorky I would very much appreciate *any* communications with anyone who can help me.
Thank you very much... (I apologize now that I can only speak and read English... but I can probably find a Russian translater if I need to.)
Thanks again...
David Bindle
  Vitaly 08-05-2001 ( )  
First time I heared about "Maxim Gorky I fortress" in Sevastopol.
Very interesting information about German railroad gun "Dora" (very weak gun) you get in the books of the Suvorov.
  Ivan 10-08-2001 ( )  
  john mahoney 15-05-2002 ( )  
  I am seeking info re: sevastopol magazine apparently under harbor [deep dig] that was destroyed by one of the big german seige guns. I have heard that a single large shell penetrated the roof of the magazine, resulting in either the explosion of stored munitions or the flooding of the magazine itself. I have been trying to track any info i can find about this incident, but i have pretty much hit a dead far as i can tell, the story is true, but the data are very thin or else unavailable on any site.i would appreciate any info re: sevastopol underharbor magazine destruction, WWII.Thanks in advance----john mahoneyrichmond, virginia  
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