Monument to Kazarskiy
Is on a central urban hill, in Sailor's parkway. It is the first monument on Sevastopol ground, constructing in honour of a feat of seamen brig "Mercury" and it commander - captain A.I. Kazarsky (1799-1833). The monument is executed in style of classicism. On the truncated pyramid from limestone is established pig-iron antique trireme. On the base in small niches are placed high relief image of Kazarsky and antique gods - Nika (goddess of a victory), Neptun and Mercury. On base - military attributes symbolizing glory and military valour. As asserts(approves) one of the documents stored(kept) in Central State archive Moscow, laconical an inscription " To Kazarsky. To posterity as an example " command to trace the emperor Nikolay I. The monument is one of the best products monumentals art of first half XIX centuries.