Museum of Black sea fleet
The museum of a Sevastopol defense was in a central part of city in the Ekaterinenskaya street (nowadays - 11, Lenin's str). The initiative of creation of a museum belonged to the participants of a heroic defense of Sevastopol 1854 — 1855. For organization of a museum the Special committee in St.Petersburg under presidency E. I. Totleben, and in Sevastopol — Local commission led by the vice-admiral P. I. Kislinskiy was created . The tax of the voluntary donations in fund of a museum was organized. For a museum the subjects were handed : personal things, photos, documents, manuscript of memoirs participators of a defense of Sevastopol, collection cold and fire-arms, engraving, picture of the artists I. K. Ayvazovskiy, F. A. Rubo, V. E. Makovskiy and others. The general E. I. Totleben has given for a museum the house, in which five rooms the exposition was placed (was opposite to a building of a present fleet museum). The opening of a museum of a Sevastopol defense was held on September 14, 1869. expositionTo 25 old of a museum, in 1895, for it the special building under the project of an architect A. M. Kochetov was constructed. In a basis of the architectural decision of a building were fixed inherent to museum structures of that time of the form of antique Greece. The conditions of a relief have defined a composition of a building at two levels. The facades are symmetric. exhibitionIn a court yard of a building the opened exposition of military engineering is located. Nowadays in a building the Museum of black Sea fleet settles down.