Monument to Nakhimov, photo
        Is located in city centre, on the area carrying a name of the admiral P. S. Nakhimov (1802 - 1855) - Outstanding Russian naval commander, participant Navarin's and Sinop's battles, one of the chiefs of the first defense of Sevastopol. The first monument to P. S. Nakhimov was build in 1898 to the 45-fifth anniversary Sinop battle. The author of the project - Artist A. A. Bildering and skulptor N. I. Shreder. In 1928, carrying out decret of Soviet authority " About removal of monuments to kings and their servants ", the monument was has demolished . On stayed a socle in 1932 have established a monument to Lenin (skulptor V. V. Goats). November 5, 1959 opening a new monument to P. S. Nakhimov was held. Its authors - National artist USSR skulptor . V., Tomskiy and architect A. V. Arefjev. The architect M. Z. Chesakov took part in work. For creation of a monument N. V. Tomskiy was award of a Gold medal of Academy of applied arts USSR. On kept select the basis on a granite pedestal as the truncated pyramid the bronze sculpture of the admiral is established. It is represented in complete growth, the lifted head is proud is slightly unwrapped to the left, sight fasten one's eyes on the party of city. Dress in admiral's uniform with epaulets, on a head - uniform cap, on a side - hanger on cross-belt. The left hand is incorporated for a back, in right - visual pipe. The rectangular ledges of the basis (with numerous dents - traces of war) on corners of monument with laying anchors give completeness of the whole composition. On a face sheet of pedestal - the bronze banner, is lower the text of the order about enemy's attack. On the back party - text: " Glory to Russian fleet " in a frame of military attributes. Above and laurel wreath an inscription about a fatal wound of the admiral on June 28, 1855 on Malakhov Mound. In the bottom part of pedestal the multifigured reliefs are located, which plots reproduce episodes from battle life P. S. Nakhimov: " Sinop battle ", " On Forth Bastion " and " Nakhimov conversation with sailors ". The persons transfer force of spirit Russian soldiers, determination fight up to last, express sincere love to the chief and naval commander. The monument (general(common) height - 12,5 , height of a figure - 5,33 ) is successfully entered in environmental space, forms the main area of city. The arrangement at centre of the area enables for detailed survey monument, its circular review.