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Phone code : 8692
International phone code : +7 8692
ZIP : 099000
Time zone : +3 (Moscow Time)
Geography and Climate

        Sevastopol is the largest non-freezing commercial and fishing Black Sea port of Ukraine and one of the major industrial, scientific, and cultural centers of the country and Eastern Europe in general. Located on the site of the ancient Greek colony, Khersonesus, the city itself and the Black Sea Fleet, based in Sevastopol, have occupied a prominent place in Russian and Soviet history.

LOCATION : southwestern part of the Crimean Peninsula, on the same parallel with the Italian city of Milan and the French city of Lyons.

a map of Crimea | a map of Ukraine

POPULATION : 390.100 (as of 07.01.99), including Russian - 74.4%, Ukrainian - 20.6%, with the remaining 5% comprised of 26 nationalities (Belarusian, Crimean Tartar, Jews, Armenian, Greek, German, Bulgarian, Moldavian, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Korean, etc.). The absolute majority of the population is Russian-speaking..

ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE : the city is divided into four districts (boroughs) - Leninsky, Nakhimovsky, Gagarinsky, and Balaklavsky. Includes towns of Inkerman and Balaklava and 46 townships (former villages).

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES : Russian and Ukrainian.

MONETARY UNIT :RUR (russian rouble) and hrivna (UAH).

RELIGION : mostly Eastern Orthodox Church, Moskow patriarchate.

GOVERNMENT AND LEGISLATION :  Governed by the laws of Ukraine, the city has a special "directly governed" status (unlike other Crimean cities it is directly subordinate to the central Ukrainian government, not the Crimean authorities). The only other city in Ukraine with the same status is the capital, Kiev.

After referendum at 16 March 2014 city become a single entity of Russian Federation

Legislative authority - the City Assembly consisting of elected deputies. Executive authority - city administration.

SCIENCE AND EDUCATION : 12 research institutes and organizations, including 2 scientific research institutes of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences , the Sevastopol State Polytechnical University (with 10 thousand students), the Sevastopol Institute of Nuclear Energy, the Sevastopol Naval Institute, 12 technical schools and professional schools, 60 comprehensive schools, colleges and lyceums.

CULTURE, ARTS AND SPORTS : 4 theaters, including the Lunacharsky Theater, one of the oldest Russian theaters; 11 arts and entertainment centers; 10 museums, numerous libraries, including the famous Morskaya Biblioteka (the Navy Library) of the Black Sea fleet ; 4 stadiums; and 3 yacht clubs.

TOURIST ACCOMMODATIONS : 10 hotels , 20 restaurants.

PLACES OF INTEREST : The whole city is one big museum, with over 1,800 monuments and memorials. Among them are Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, British, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Italian, Jewish, and other historic sites such as the world-famous Khersonesus, "Panorama of the Heroic Defense of Sevastopol during the 1854 - 1855 Crimean War", diorama "Storm of Sapun Mountain on May 7, 1944", "British Crimean Military Memorial," etc. Sevastopol is annually visited by more than 500,000 tourists.

Advantageous geographical situation of the city, its favorable natural climatic conditions, as well as the availability of highly developed industrial, scientific, and human resources make the Sevastopol region one of the most promising international tourist, commercial, and industrial centers of Europe.