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sevastopol, panorama of city
"There is above the Black by sea a Sevastopol, twice wreathed by glory of two defenses, and this glory, similarly to a double star, sparkles in the eternal sky of a history ", - with pride wrote Leonid Sobolev. Yes, a numeral of Russian glory has become for other peoples Sevastopol, this Black Sea city, in which name 2 centuries remarkable destiny back was foreseen it. In Sevastopol the people made feats, worthy myths, and the greatness of human spirit has become the same integral property of this ground, as blue of the sea, ïëåñê of waves, the odor seaside ïîëûíè, grey ïàòèíà of rocks and violence of hills, on which slopes was stretched Sevastopol, that in translation with Greek - city of glory, or majestic city, worthy worship.