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City history Sea battles
City foundation
Building of city
Revolt of 1830
Crimea war 1853-1854 yy (1st defence of Sevastopol)
ity after Crimean war (1855-1900)
Ships storm the bastions
The feat of brig "Mercury"

        Sevastopol is located on a southwest extremity of a Crimean peninsula, where the hilly coast is cut up by tens bays. Many thousand-years ago people these convenient, for life of a place back have estimated: the rests of most ancient settlements, found out archaeologist, concern to first sentury B.C.. Here lived tribes of tavr, skif, sarmat. In V in. Up to AD on coast of a picturesque and silent bay, which name now Quarantine, the ancient Greeks, emigrants from Heraklea Pontiyskaya. They have based Chersonesus Tavrichesky - city - state, existing two thousand-years (with V century B up to XV century A) and played the important role in historical fates of Northern Black Sea coast. Today about it tell monuments and Exhibits Chersonesus historical-archaeological museum - reserve. On this ground with a rich centuries-old history and Sevastopol, future guard of southern borders of the Russian state was born.

March 16, 2014 was historic referendum in which take part of 89.5% population and 95.6% of them voted for reunification with Russia Federation.